Co-founder and resident of PICÓ PICANTE, a monthly transnational bass party celebrating global dance music. The series is a collaboration between resident DJs Oxycontinental, Ultratumba, Riobamba and visual artist HEXbeam, named Best Dance Party twice by Dig Boston.

We’ve hosted forward-thinking local and international artists Toy Selectah, Poirier, Jubilee, Uproot Andy, Geko Jones, Venus X, Rizzla, Chief Boima, Wayne&Wax, Sabo, DJ Ripley, Massacooramaan, Dev/Null, Isa GT, Explosión Negra, DJ Reaganomics, Uhuru Afrika, Kingdom, Dubbel Dutch, Thornato, Los Rakas, Shomi Noise, D’hana, Precolumbian, Blk.Adonis, Maracuyeah and DJ Ushka.





PA’ PICAR is a cross-genre mixtape and interview series dedicated to showcasing Colombian digital producers utilizing low-barrier, Internet-powered production tools and distribution networks for new levels of artistic agency and self-presentation. I’ll be working in Bogotá until early summer 2014 thanks to funding from the Fulbright-mtvU fellowship program.






Duo PAJARITOS (DJ Malagón and Riobamba) are a pair of DJs, event-makers and documenters exploring the potential of contemporary global dance music. Along with our work with our Picó Picante family, we create traveling dance partiesdocument music culture in Mexico City and host conversations about a “post-geographic” perspective toward music.