PA’ PICAR 003 features the super talentoso Monosóniko Champetúo. I caught up with Monosóniko as he was preparing for the second edition of his Rarezas Bailables party with selector Barba Roja, featuring rare vinyl selections “que ni Shazam con toda su fama puede encontrar” (that even Shazam with all of its fame couldn’t find).

Monosóniko relocated to Bogotá from Barranquilla, having grown up surrounded by Afro-Caribbean sounds in his neighborhood of La Chinita and Simon Bolivar, where he developed his vacile super efecto alongside his father and brother, both seasoned picoteros.

This edition features an interview with Monosóniko and a live vinyl champeta set recorded in his home studio, as well as a video demo of his improvisation style and perreo sample catalogue working with the Casio SK5 keyboard. ¡Para gozar!