Puerto Rico Tour– a.k.a. Reggaetón Pilgrimage Tour – kicked off this week in San Juan :')

This upcoming Friday is the Big Day at La Respuesta, with ¡Que Sabroso! bringing together one of the masterminds of perreolándia sounds DJ PlayeroOtura Mun of ÌFÉ (f.k.a. DJ Nature), resident Lucha Libre Dj Set, and myself for an Old-School Edition of the party.

Big thanks to Lucha Libre Dj Set for making this all happen– check out his sounds here.

26 February – Claridad Festival
27 February – HP Tavern, Santurce
29 February – Gastro Arte at Maví
2 March – Flor de Parcha, Rio Piedras
4 March – ¡Que Sabroso! at La Respuesta
5 March – HP Tavern