My mixtape for the Mixpak FM series is here, featured as Resident Advisor’s Mix of the Day and in Fact Mag's The Week's Best Mixes!

This mix dove into “channeling rage for, remembrance of, love toward victims of police brutality & state-sanctioned violence, in the U.S. y destructive legacies this country has left & continues to leave elsewhere– ya basta, ya basta, ya basta. A las víctimas– nunca serán olvidados.”

via Mixpak

Mixpak FM 093 is brought to you by Brooklyn-based DJ & producer, Riobamba. Inspired by her Ecuadorian-Lithuanian heritage, her sets and productions draw from a hybridized global sound, with a strong Latin leaning. As promoter of one of Boston’s leading underground parties, Pico Picante, resident at Remezcla’s NY party Perreo, and an affiliate of Dutty Artz, she is a strong representative for transnational bass on the East Coast.

Her Mixpak FM is a showcase of the global underground, featuring many kindred club spirits operating in the same zone: False Witness, Santa Muerte and Kala as well as offerings from NON, Baltimore artist Abdu Ali, and Chile’s Tomas Urquieta.