Branko of Buraka som Sistema and Enchufada touches down in Boston, bringing Lisboa-bred kuduro/zouk/baile todo on his tour just after the release of his debut solo album: 
João Barbosa AKA Branko first became known on the international scene as the driving creative force in Buraka som Sistema, the worldwide phenomenon…responsible for reshaping dance music culture and spawning a myriad of sub-genres that shaped the Global Club Music scene. 

Branko's solo work has included several singles, a mixtape and an EP, featuring collaborations with Zebra Katz, Roses Gabor, Dominique Young Unique and Njena Redfoxx, but 2015 sees him taking on his most ambitious project to date, with the release of his debut full-length album "Atlas" and a 5-episode web series documenting his travels. 

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