VIVALA interviewed me for their piece, 3 Awesome Latina DJs Share Their Playlists for Summer

"Gone are the days when only men played at music festivals like Coachella or big fashion events. It’s a ripe time for female DJs right now, they just weren’t always getting the play or recognition they deserved in this male-dominated industry. And, contrary to what some might believe, female DJs have been part of the party music scene since the late 1990s with artists like, DJ Rap, Sandra Collins, DJ Heather, and more. 

There was even a documentary that came out in 2012 called Girl Gone Vinyl, created to reveal the gender disparity that exists in the DJ music scene. So we decided to highlight a few Latina DJs that are kicking some serious butt right now along with their playlists for this summer. Check them out!"

Check out the full piece and my favorite summertime picks here!