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MPEACH !live! [Dutty Artz, Caracas/Brooklyn]

MPeach (a.k.a. Mariana Martín Capriles) is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Her experimental music is strongly influenced by a combination of Changa Tuki (Venezuela’s native ghetto-dance music), Afro-Caribbean beats and melodies rooted in traditional Venezuelan folk culture. She draws from a wide variety of musical inspirations, including “dembow, soukous, heavy bass, spanish reggae, hip hop, 4×4, grime, dancehall and kuduro,” making for a dynamic sound that stands all on its own.

MPeach is part of an emerging movement of musicians (i.e., Pocz & Pacheko, Cardopusher, DJ Yirvin, Sunsplash, Ernesto Pantin, FLYBVK) whose music is profoundly impacted by their individual cultural roots while reconstructed to reflect their global Internet-Age upbringing. Her creations intersect musical and visual art, where each side exists symbiotically as a compliment to the other. “I use visuals just like a musical instrument,” she explains. “They are created as part of the composition. They don’t necessarily have a particular storyline but are choreographed to the structure and rhythmical patterns of the songs, displaying a sensibility that relates to each of them.”"

RIOBAMBA [Picó Picante, Dutty Artz]

ULTRATUMBA [Picó Picante]

Hosted by: ZO. E. LING

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$5 before 11 PM, $10 after
Good Life, 28 Kingston Street, Boston.

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