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Oscar Nñ is resident DJ at Papi Juice, a Brooklyn-based monthly dance party and kiki celebrating queer male-identified people of color and the folk who love them. Every celebration carries on with urban sounds from around the world catering to a curated monthly theme. Papi Juice has featured artists and DJs such as: Maluca, Princess Nokia, Zuzuka Poderosa, DonChristian, False Witness, D'hana Perry, DJ Ushka, and Jay Boogie. Papi Juice is committed to being a safe & intentional space for queer people of color.





BLK.ADONIS [Zuesdays]


"Blk.Adonis is a project without precedent, incorporating the minimalist drum programming and no-nonsense rhythmic strength of hardcore dancehall with ethereal soundscapes, demonic whispers, and distorted, industrial sounds. Despite the sparse, abrasive quality of the Blk.Adonis aesthetic, he has managed to create not just club bangers but complex, subtle explorations of textures, emotional moments, and microscopic sounds in which listeners can find new intricacies with every listen.”
-Cluster Mag



Ethan Kiermaier is Ultratumba. Based out of Boston and coastal Maine, he is a miner of post everything global dance mayhem. The polyamorous marriage of an airhorn, a sitar, an 808 and Alan Lomax daggering with Diamanda Galas in a dirt floored basement.

XO.E.LING [Picó Picante]

Photo credit Diego Chavez.

Zo.E.Ling is a cultural curator who has worked in the spaces of retail, music and arts for the past 10 years. The artists and talents she advocates for are authentic and culturally rich representations of diverse movements of the local to international communities. She has recently returned to graduate school for formal training on human rights and immigrant advocacy.