NYC-based label and artist collective Dutty Artz has always been into multisensory experiences, especially ones that help us link across and through borders, making conscious links across the globe and celebrating flavors that don’t get enough love. On Sunday, August 30th we're bringing you BRUNCH GOZÓN, the first of a series of daytime (into early evening) music-and-food experiences.

Chefs Luis Guayaba y Los Mangan will be serving a variety of Venezuelan food specialties: cachapas, empanadas, cachito de jamón, ceviches, desayuno criollo, and more. Luis Herrera is a Venezuelan chef currently working as Sous Chef at Cosme, Michelin Star chef Enrique Olvera's first restaurant in New York; for Brunch Gozón, he'll be teaming up with Chef Jose Ignacio Useche.

Venezuela holds a special place in our hearts for many reasons, for one: it is the home of the fabulous Dutty Artz member MPeach! But also its location on Latin America's coast: sharing a Caribbean connection across the sea, especially to Trinidad has led to its own take on soundsystem culture, and in recent years a booming electronic music scene. In the food and music we can taste the indigenous, colonial, African, and immigrant flavors and honor the way people not only survive tremendous upheaval and displacement, but make survival beautiful, expressive, and delicious.

Dutty Artz will frame this taste experience with music highlighting the sounds of Venezuela, Latin America, and the Caribbean: DJs RiobambaUproot AndyRipleyTalachaUshka, and Selecta K7 will charm your ears and get your bodies shaking. There will be plenty of space to eat, drink, and dance in the last weeks of summer!

Free entrance, food will be available for purchase.