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¡Friday! We're super excited to welcome DJ RIPLEY back to the Good Life dance floor, bringing her ferocious take on global street bass sounds.

This month we'll have all of the Picó residents back together, with OXYCONTINENTAL, ULTRATUMBA, and RIOBAMBA, who was recently featured in MTV Iggy's article, 13 Women DJs You Didn't Know Are #KillingIt, and our best host XO.E.LING.

For a taste of DJ Ripley's sounds, check out her Hello Exile mixtape. She described it as, "This isn’t music from the margins, it hails up lives, communities, worlds in exile. Gothic and darkstyle Jungle, the ominous side of footwork, and the punk aesthetic of my youth, all entangle with the threat to dominant social norms presented by the thread of Black and Caribbean culture that runs through most of the music I love best. I also wanted to queer up the jungle, a move without which Babylon can never truly fall."

Also! You can now pick up your Picó Picante t-shirt via our Bandcamp page– grab your 'Dembow&Tamborzão&Triggerman&Amen.' shirts here, or message us directly at info@picopicante.com to grab yours at the club.

Picó is $5 before 11 PM, $10 after, see you so soon!

DJ RIPLEY [Dutty Artz]


DJ Ripley has been slaying dancefloors since 1996, developing her adventurous, loving and ferocious take on global street bass sounds. New York, London, Mexico City, Sydney, Chicago, Helsinki, Kingston, Toronto, Budapest, San Francisco, Belgrade, Austin, Berlin, Copenhagen, and many more cities have hosted her in clubs, warehouses, art galleries, squats, festivals, street parties, museums, boats and basements. She spends more time on the dancefloor than the studio because that’s where you learn what music does. She is also a professor of communication & media studies, public speaker, writer, organizer and activist.