México lindo y querido, I see you soon! Brooklyn-based techno-feminist collective DISCWOMAN is headed for a weekend-long festival on January 8/9, 2016, thanks also to DF-based crew of Derré-Tidá. I'll be in the region January 1-21, so please reach out if you'll be there, too :)) 

Tickets are now on sale with an early bird special for a 3-night stay during the festival. 
 Keep an eye on Remezcla this week for the headliner announcement later this week!

January 8th’s event will be night filled with techno, live hardware sets from UMFANG (NYC), Volvox (NYC), Nina Sonik (MX), Demian Licht (MX), and live debut of Jenice (Zombies in Miami), MX. We will also be announcing our surprise headliner in the coming weeks. 

We have rented out an entire hostel in colonia Roma, which will host some programming (talks/workshops etc) as well as being a home to our terrace party on January 9th which will boast 5 women playing more latin groove influenced electronic music, Esamipau (MX) Riobamba (NYC), BEARCAT (NYC), HD (NYC), Puma (MX) 

We have worked with local Mexican booking and creative platform Derré Tidá and a percentage of profits will be benefiting a local organization. Also the introduction of a new data poetic base that will visualise woman producers in Mexico and Latin America, Mucha Muchacha.