Qué yes, we're so excited to bring CAKES DA KILLA to Boston's Good Life basement for a live set. Most recently featured in i-D's recent piece, Talking to Cakes da Killa, NYC's Openly Gay Rap Starhere's more about what's in store tomorrow night: 


Recording artist and raunchy rapper Cakes Da Killa is a 23-year-old with three critically-acclaimed mixtapes to his name. His latest release Hunger Pangs solidified him as “one of hip hop’s most exciting voices,” according to The Needle Drop. Praised for both his lyrical content and flow, which has earned him comparisons to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown, his massive following his brought him to places around Europe, Canada and Australia, all the while shattering the preconceived notions of what it takes to be a respected lyricist.

We can't wait to welcome SOL NOVA for her debut at Picó! Based in Northampton, part of the squad running WOZQ 91.9 FM, and having opened for Juliana Huxtable, LE1F, and Mykki Blanco, her sets work from house to rap and dembow to techno, with the philosophy: "My goal as a DJ is to constantly push boundaries and do cross-cultural and cross-generational explorations." 

A portion of proceeds from tomorrow night's party will go directly to SAFE HUB COLLECTIVE – read on to learn more about their beautiful work in making public places, physical and digital, a safer place for everyone.

See you dearests with residents RIOBAMBA and XO.E.LING at 10 PM tomorrow, cover is $10 all night.

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A portion of this month's proceeds will go to Safe Hub Collective:

"Safe Hub Collective believes that public spaces, physical or digital, should be safe and accessible for everyone and strives to achieve that goal through collective action, community-based solutions, and a transformative justice philosophy.

We know that for many people, navigating public space is fraught with harassment, fear, anxiety, and violence simply because of who they are. Women, LGBTQ folks, people of color, and disabled people disproportionately experience harassment when they are in public settings.

We are working to support safe streets, digital interactions, transit, campuses, establishments, and gathering places in the Greater Boston area. Safe Hub Collective also helps women, LGBTQ people, & POC (and everyone who occupies 2 or more of those identities!) safely navigate digital spaces through their cybersecurity manual & workshops, providing those most at-risk for harassment with the information necessary to protect themselves & safely access online spaces."


Check them out on their website here, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thanks to the super talented Guarionex Rodriguez Jr., we'll have photos again at this month's party.

Check out his beaut work from his last appearance at Picó in January with Princess Nokia, Blk.Adonis, Oxycontinental, and Riobamba, and you can find his full portfolio and get in touch with the Boston raised, Brooklyn-based photographer here!